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and then my conscience walked in

based loosely on fact, but interesting nonetheless

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I can pick apart a video game, but I am not a designer [yet].
I can see images and have them play out on a canvas, but I am no artist.
I have an ear for music and a voice for it as well, but I am no musician.
I can know how a scene was put together, but I am no director.
I know how to express emotion properly and recite lines, but I am no actor.
I can make you feel better with words and anecdotes, but I am no psychologist.
I can inspire tears of laughter, but I am no comedian.
I can write with eloquence and grace, but I am no author.
I can be mature and understanding to a fault, but I am no adult.
I just rhymed, but I am no poet.
I can sink down to levels of barbaric humanity, but I am no criminal.
I can carry conversations with brilliant minds, but I am no genius.
I can create worlds, people, places, theories, lives, struggle, morals, and moments but I am no god.

That's what I'm capable of

But what I do has never defined me

Instead, it is I that defines what I do